NGE is your full-service esports partner.

Our goal is to take your game, league, event, or activation and create something unique and unforgettable, custom-built for your IP. To do that, we’ve invested in subject-matter experts, world-class creatives, and authentic gaming expertise - all working in-house, full-time.

That’s the only way for us to ensure every NGE product is designed to be full-service. We love fully owning the entire production process end-to-end, including concept, creative, design, build-out, production, and distribution.

If we had our way, we’d work with you from Day 1 to design the perfect competitive ecosystem for your game from the bottom up. That way, we can make sure each piece of your esports plan is integrated with innovation and creativity every step of the way.

Here’s a quick overview of the primary services we offer our partners.



Our Esports Leagues combine a series of competitive events under a single IP. Most esports leagues are purchased as multi-year agreements, each year containing 1-2 seasons.

A season of an esports league is usually structured as a series of weekly online studio broadcasts, followed by a finals in the form of an event with live, on-site players and audience.

We love to architect and launch new leagues, custom-built for our partners’ titles, but also frequently maintain and elevate established IPs.




NGE is known for creating high-end Studio Broadcasts custom-built for each game we produce.

When you work with NGE, your show will look unique to you across all elements - from graphics, to stage design, talent, and more.

Studio Broadcasts are usually produced to facilitate online play between remote player participants, and are often bundled as part of Esports Leagues to maximize the return on your esports dollars. Many variations of studio shows exist - we’ll make sure your studio fits your game’s needs precisely.




The most iconic esports moments come from Live Events with players competing live in front of an audience of passionate fans.

NGE has produced esports events at all scales, from 20,000 attendee stadiums and arena, to gaming expos, theatres, and intricate marketing trade show activations. That said, our bread and butter are large-scale esports finals events.

Live Events are usually produced as stand-alone events or strategically combined with a series of studio broadcasts as a cost-effective esports league.




Our biggest goal is to help esports publishers and IP holders create sustainable, authentic esports ecosystems that last.

To do that, we’ve had to master much more than just live production. Almost every event, league, and studio broadcast doesn’t make sense unless designed holistically: requiring things like world-class league operations skill, business strategy, peerless graphic design, or even custom API-driven statistics. 

Many of the “Managed Services” below come bundled with our primary product offerings. But when we need to, we happily offer them as individual services, standalone consulting, or even dedicated “esports teams” - long-term groups of NGE employees assigned to your company act as an outsourced esport department that solves your long-term creative or strategic challenges.

Our Managed Services:

  • Dedicated Out-of-House Esports Team

  • Esports Consulting Services

  • League Operations & Tournament Design

  • Project Management Services

  • Photography, Media & Original Content (Documentary, Trailers, Shoulder)

  • Creative Services & In-House GFX

  • Game Observation Services

  • API & Software Development

  • Professional Esports Team Management

  • Player Travel & Hospitality

  • Marketing Activations & Paid Media

  • Media Asset Management, VOD, & YouTube Services

  • Trophy Design & Fabrication

  • Bespoke Stage Architecture & Build-Out

  • Influencer Marketing & Management

  • Broadcast Talent Management 

  • Website Management & Editorial

  • Prize Pool Management & Distribution





Your Esports Experts